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Image of a computer networkComputer networking is the process of creating the means by which computing devices can communicate with other computing devices.  This is usually done to provide a means of communication between users and/or to share computer resources.

In a domestic or small business setting a typical network will consist of a broadband-enabled phone line connecting to a router (hub), which in turn will connect to one or more computers and printers, either wirelessly or via network cables.

This enables one internet connection to be shared between several computers and accessed simultaneously.  Likewise, one printer can also be shared between several computers, and files saved on one PC or storage device can be accessed from another PC on the network.

The advantages and cost saving benefits of a computer network are numerous so if you would like to know more then please get in touch.

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Networking Case Study

A small business based in West Butterwick has several field staff trading in various venues around the country.  Each venue's daily trading records were saved on laptops and PCs until they could be brought back to the main office and master records held on a computer there could be updated.  This meant that several versions of the same data could be in existence, and that field staff had to regularly travel back to the main office.

Clearly, one central data storage location was required that could be accessed securely from a remote location.  Because of the sensitivity of the data a "cloud" based solution wasn't felt to be appropriate and budgetry contraints prevented the installation of a server, so I implemented a personal "cloud" solution.  This involved setting up a network-attached storage (NAS) device at the main office and hosting all the data to be shared on it.  Field staff's computers were then configured to connect to this device securely over an internet connection when required. 

This meant that staff now have secure, remote access to the master data at all times.  The NAS device is also used to back up other data held on the main office PC.


Image showing computer servicing


Image asking when you did your last backup.

Memory Upgrade

Image showing memory upgrade options


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